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Shoals Hook Farm lies on the outskirts of the county town, Haverfordwest. Local records show that it was owned by Lord Milford in the 1700's and occupied as a tennanted farm. The farm was, at that time, sited on the highway from Haverfordwest to Narberth, having an undershoot mill wheel for the grinding of corn. Since then the farm has undergone many changes. The farm was split in to two in the 1850's by Brunel's Railway Line to Neyland and Milford Haven, land was sold off to pay for death duties, split in to two as part of a divorce settlement. The latter separating the farm mill from the farm, the mill wheel being removed in the late 1960's.

In 2019 we sold the main farm house in order to convert the barn in to holiday accommodation and a home for ourselves. However it is now 2021 and we have nowhere near finished due to the COVID situation. We anticipate that we will be available for 2022 - fingers crossed.

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