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Welcome to Shoals Hook Farm


We, Karen and Rob, moved to Pembrokeshire in December 1996 with our two children Gemma and Jack.

Over the years we have improved the original Farm House (Shoals Hook House) but have always wanted to do a 'self build'. We had plans passed way back in 2007 to convert the existing barn, but had no funding to do so. The opportunity came in 2019 when we sold Shoals Hook House. This enabled us to convert the barn in to a family home for ourselves.

However due to the delay in starting the project both children have turned in to adults, flown the nest and moved on.

We have added a few pictures showing the progress we have made in creating a new garden and furnishing the interior of our new home. 

cavity wall bats.jpg

Left - construction under way.

Above - work on the inside.


Above - feature window in study

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